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So Savannha and I were in her car driving back from droppin off Shelby and she ran over something. I mean the fucker seriously almost made it but he got hit by the back right tire. Then Savannha claims that she saw it get up and run away. Well not very fast.

So we pull around and get to my road like 30 seconds from where we hit it and she starts freaking out and crying saying she never hit anything before and she promised her self that she never would but it was hella dark and she had no control over it at all. She said "it was touched by an angel and I dont even believe in god!!! I almost feel like I should pray."

For some reason this was the funniest fucking thing that has happened in the longest time.

I am starting to get out of the car to go into this house and Savannha still sitting there with her hands in her lap looking down say in a quite voice... "Can we get drunk?"

I say well of course retard!!! So she reaches in the back seat and pulls out 2, 24 onces of beer and says ok lets go.

To me this is so funny!

So my mom is doin bad stuff again. :/
Hopefully she will get through it and move on to better things.
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