Ashley (rainbowlollypop) wrote,

i love freeze pop this weekend for my birthday was amazing but then i came home...
what is not, not to like, a shiny bike
no lock, no's there for me
it's for real, i'm gonna steal a pair of wheels you can too

I know soon that someone else
will claim my new bike for themselves
waiting for their lucky day
to make a speedy getaway

I am a bike thief...

our friend the dane, he does the same, no lock, no chain
he rides around ...all over town
to travel far, without a car, he pedals hard
so join the could have one

want to get from here to there
a bike can take me anywhere
it's not mine, but I don't care
I've had enough of playing fair

i'm riding free
so come with me
we'll be carefree
say it with me

I am a bike thief...
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