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first thoughtsgoes staight to trash can: my mom is going to tell on me so i have to go to half way thing for rehab; the first have of today totally and completly sucked ass! some people think i have to fucking anwser to them haha i think not! now that alot of people were talking and paying attention my stupid greedy cousin sierra that always has to be center of everything on everyone birthdays went and got high and made a HUGH deal out of it so today no one is coming over till they are done "helping poor sierra" AND luis didnt go to the party and i didnt see him on friday and pika left early!

now that that is thorwn away and NEVER coming back

good shit that stays in memory forever!

Friday: Went to go see MSI that was sooo amazing i was right up front were i got amazing pictures that i will post a litte later i got a picture with lindsay she is sooo pretty i got to elbow this fucking btch ashley right in her face haha that was soo fun i punch this annoying guy on the back of the neck as hard as i could haha oh and i got punched right in the face by some stupid fagot! haha it was just amazing i never thought i would see MSI and i did it made a GREAT start to my bithday weekend

Saturday: i went to pikas house and got ready then i went to the party that was super fun time with all my friends like Davee, Claire, Jake, Pika, Michael ,Kegan, Dana, vanna, raven and alot of other people Dj samurai and Dj Princess (from the UK) came up to me and said happy birthday. i fell in love with freze pop all over again lol i got alot of money that i want to spend on myself like coffe nails and maybe eyebrows ( or jaded will do them ) and i saw Jaded and i love him so many fun amazing things happened i hung out with Scrable for like hour and a half  too many fun things happened

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