Ashley (rainbowlollypop) wrote,

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blackout gave parties hope i thought it was all over but then it was amazing.

i took shrooms me, brandi and sean. i was in my own little world with luis for awhile that was my fave part:D that dance floor looked like a spaceship on the outside. i thought talking was wayy over rated and everyone needed to stop thinking and have fun. jason made it amazing he was fucking with me made me go crazy that is why i fucking love him.

last 1/2 hour of the party i couldnt haddle it so i went ot side sat in the grass and played peek-a-boo with a tree sounds stupid and crazy but i had fun by myself

went to the spot had to stay away from ugly guy hahaha then he finally left i was just totally out of it

over all best party in a long fucking time
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