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I laughed soo hard at this

Seth: yeah so I pretty much shit a brick on that damn southworth ferry of yours when i was trying to get home the other day when they said "now arriving vashon Island". I was like well if this doesnt suck ass i dont know what does, I'm stuck on a fucking island at 2:30 AM and i started hootin' and hollerin' and the ferry worker was like what the fuck are you trippin about and i told him i wanted the port orchard ferry not the vashon island one and he was like yeah... we just stop her and then i felt stupid... but very relieved, cuz you know bricks are heavy and its good to shit them out.

I now I want you to picture him doing this. I seriously laughed so hard my side hurt. I dont knwo if you will find it as funny as me but O WELL
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omg that's absolutely hilarious...i could totally see him doing that
Oh no ... VERY funny :)

I miss Seth ... and ASHLEY!