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Im in such a good mood I keep dancin around the dinning room and kitchen.
I made a CD and it has all these songs that like I just wanna jump up and dance to.
Christine got some stuff and she wants someone to 'test it out'.
Oh boy did I jump at that! I cant wait lol!
I have school at 5:30 and my mom will meet me at 6:15 there we will leave at 7:00
I cant believe I didnt get my GED before its sooo easy like WHOA!
So I had fun in Spokane... for the most part I guess.
The limo was sooo fuckin niice! Me and Drae sat in it for like 30 minutes before they got out. Nice hotel too.

What is everyone doin'this weekend? I have a going away party to go to for Christina george. Then nothing! So lets make plans lol
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