Ashley (rainbowlollypop) wrote,

Someone or something new.. is in very much need.

Im bored with my life. I mean yeah I am starting college and blah blah but I want new friends or hang out with my old friend I used to have I didnt do the best things ever but at least I was never bored. I love Savannha to death I dont wanna change that but I wanna go back to Seattle and live over there more. I mean I dont know if I wanna move out or anything but I wanna put some change in my life. I do the same thing like everyday same people. Dont get me wrong its fun and all but really I want someone new or something new. I dont like who I have become bein on this side of the water. I gained so much weight I mean its a good thing since it means I am eating now but because I rarly ate before my body isnt used to it and I blew up like a ballon over summer. Its gross. I drink all the time which isnt a bad thing but I liked how it was before I kept my party life and my real life apart now its all together I get wasted the same place I babysit at! (I babysit Savannha's cousin that she lives with) And this whole Navy boy thing HA! Its one of the most confusing things I have ever done. I gotta deal with the girls from back home and its like a mind game. Which needs to stop. I dont like it. I guess I need to just come out and say whats on my mind but then again its almost like I dont want to I wanna go for someone else. (I do have someone in mind but I have kept putting it off cause I thought I had somehting goin somewhere with someone else but it looks like I was wrong.) When I was in Seattle all the time I was on top of my game. Now look at me Im in some of the biggest debt I have ever been in and the way its lookin I dont think Im gonna get out for awhile I mean dont get me wrong I am doin all I can to get out of it its on my mind like 45% of my time. I wish it wasnt but it is. I like my friends on the other side of the water they never played mind games with me they told me how it was weather I liked it or not. Besides testing I dont start school till January and till then I wanna live it up like I used to. Not go get high like I used to but have fun. Not sayin Im not having fun now but Im bored. I have been in this weird mood lately I need to get out of it. With something new or someone

Thats alot whats been on my mind lately. If you care lol
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